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tripping on story st.

I. am. the. storyteller.

3 July
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man. I'm so tired. I must finish everything. garrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I'm sorry this is a bio. well then. my life consists of music|books|movies: basically anything artsy will do. and I think:

Geoff Rickly|Elliott Smith|Conor Oberst|Chris Conley|Peter Wentz
are gods.
I like hearing bout people's stories. so unload your ramblings and troubles. whatever bothers you makes you happy. I'm weird like that?

and uh. I don't know where you credit lj icons. but I guess here is where I'll credit...the cred. heh.

lj name>>>sam created the beautiful fob icon. XD and uhhh. I got it from a fob fanlisting...www.switchblade-infidelity.net/ falloutboy/ so okay. ^_^ now you know where I got the incredible icon. *nods nods*